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just a quick update for everyone, the limited red vinyl color of 1994!’s “Fuck It” LP is all sold out, we still have plenty left on fluorescent yellow vinyl though so pick up a copy in the big cartel store here we are also running very low on the second volume of the split series featuring NORTHLESS and PROTESTANT so get those while you can! Lastly, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the bandcamp page where you can stream or download every inkblot release so far, here’s the link


A lot of you are stuck at home today because of the snow. We thought it would be a perfect time to buy some records on the internet. To make it easier on you we are offering a 15% off sale in the webstore until midnight tomorrow! enter promo code “snowday” at checkout for 15% off of your entire order!!!

One Day Only New Year’s Sale! 10% off your entire order on New Year’s Day with promo code “2014″. Enter promo code “2014″ at checkout!



the 1994! “Fuck It” LP/Photobook is now IN STOCK. preorders will begin shipping this coming week. The records/packaging look amazing!



1994! “Fuck It” preorders are available now in the webstore! Red vinyl limited to 100 copies and flourescent green/yellow limited to 400 copies. Included with the LP is a 12 page 11×11 photobook! Order now if you want the limited vinyl, it will go fast!



Lots going on these days. The 1994! “Fuck It” LP is almost done being pressed, the band will have 50 limited test press copies on their tour with Joint Chiefs of Math this October and shortly after we will have the official version for sale in the webstore. The record is going to come on two different vinyl colors and include a special full size, twelve page photo book. This LP is going to look just as awesome as it sounds! In the meantime we have been selling some limited stuff in the webstore to cover the high cost of packaging for the record. Currently we have some copies of the out of print FIRST press of the 1994! “fckyrhed” LP with the original cover as well as some ultra limited test presses of various Inkblot releases. Go check it out.



We are very excited to announce that Inkblot Records will be releasing the new 1994! LP, “Fuck It” on vinyl this fall. Completely recorded on an iphone using various instruments while on their last tour in the UK, “Fuck It” is 1994!’s third full length record and is the perfect representation of a band at their best. “Fuck It” has been available online for a few months in mp3 form but the album has now been mastered for vinyl and will see a proper release. This new LP will be out some time this fall and will feature gatefold packaging and some extras we are sure you will like. This is going to be a joint release with Square of Opposition and Ranch Records. More details to come!


Some exciting news for everybody, at the storage unit earlier today i found about twenty copies of the FIRST press of 1994!’s “Fckyrhed” LP that we didn’t know we had! These have been out of print for almost two years and if you missed out the first time around here is your chance. Hit the webstore to grab a copy!



Happy New Year everybody! January 2013 marks our 8th anniversary as a record label. In 2005 when the HOPE COLLAPSE ep came out we never thought in a million years we would be around this long, let alone with over 20 releases under our belts. Along the way we have made so many new friends across the country and we couldn’t be more thrilled to still be putting out records. 2013 is going to be another great year and with that let’s get to some news!

First off, we just got the NÖ PÖWER “no axis” 7″ represses in! Only 100 copies are available! We are currently assembling the records and will be putting them up in the webstore asap, that said we still do have about 10 copies of the first press still in stock. The new press has slightly different color paper for the covers and different vinyl colors so if you are a record nerd you might want to grab both. I just caught these guys on tour and they absolutely destroyed, distorted, raw punk at its finest.

Two more new releases to be announced in the coming weeks. Keep checking the site!



The BEAU NAVIRE t-shirts are completely sold out, thanks to all who ordered! All of the orders have shipped. We still have a decent amount of copies of the new “Lumens” LP and split with REPUBLIC OF DREAMS left in the webstore so grab your copy if you haven’t already.

In almost out of print news, we are almost sold out of the NÖ PÖWER “no axis” 7″s so if you want a copy act now!

Up next this winter we are going to be releasing a new 4 song 7″ EP from Oakland’s BIG KIDS. After years of talking about doing something with our Bay Area buds we are finally going to be putting out a record for them. More details to come soon!


Summer is winding down and things are busy. We only have two BEAU NAVIRE t shirts left in stock, both size large, get at them while you can. BEAU NAVIRE “lumens” LPs and BEAU NAVIRE/REPUBLIC OF DREAMS 7″s are still in stock but selling fast, grab yours sooner than later.
We are down to around only thirty copies of the NÖ PÖWER “no axis” 7″EP, we don’t expect them to last long. We will be repressing this record some time in the winter but if you want a shot at the first press act now. Only three hundred were made for the first press. In addition the NÖ PÖWER dudes are releasing their new LP on Sorry State records soon, i am lucky enough to have heard the record already and let me tell you, you NEED to pick this one up when Sorry State puts it out.